MCGI launches a 24/7 (nonstop) Facebook live broadcast of Ang Dating Daan

Written by Gauden-Joe Sumayod
PHILIPPINES – The Members Church of God International (MCGI) has set another milestone in utilizing social media like Facebook for broadcast evangelization.
On April 2019, MCGI has launched two new Facebook pages, the “Ang Dating Daan Channel” and “The Old Path Channel“, which aim to broadcast its religious program nonstop via Facebook live.
And finally, on May 9, 2019 MCGI has started its 24/7 Facebook live broadcast of the Philippine’s longest running religious program, Ang Dating Daan, a question-and-answer biblical symposium, hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon the overall servants to the MCGI.
As of this writing, the Facebook broadcast has been running for two weeks that sums up to more than 300 hours straight and still counting.
To date, there is no other religious group like MCGI that takes all the advantages in using this Facebook platform as part of their evangelical propagation.
It can be remembered that MCGI is also the first religious group that used Facebook and YouTube Live since June 2016 for their live Bible Exposition with a goal to reach more people who are looking for Biblical truth all around the world.
MCGI’s popularity in South America
MCGI is one of the fastest-growing religious groups in the world.
The group has been continuously conducting Spanish and Portuguese evangelical broadcasts throughout the continent of South America.
Their TV program El Camino Antiguo and O Caminho Antigo, the Spanish and Portuguese counterparts of Ang Dating Daan in South America are gaining more and more popularity that even the indigenous people from the farthest parts  are able to hear and are having faith on the teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano.
With that, the group is on a race of expanding and putting up broadcast facilities and locales worldwide for the growing number of people asking for their broadcasts, Church gatherings, indoctrinations and baptisms.
MCGI also outshines its rival religious groups from the Philippines in establishing more locale churches in South America.
As of 2016, the church was able to establish more than 600 locale churches in South America for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people.




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