Turning 36 Years On Air, Ang Dating Daan Reaches an Exceptional Milestone in Philippine Religious Broadcasting

ANG DATING DAAN, the longest-running religious program in the Philippines, is celebrating its 36 years of fruitful global evangelization this year. It sets another milestone in propagating the word of God to bring faith and hope to people around the world.


The Ang Dating Daan program was launched and conceptualized by Bro. Eli Soriano, the Overall Servant to the Members Church of God International (MCGI), and the main host of the program.

It is based on the Biblical context of Jeremiah 6:16 concerning God commanding men to look for “the old path” to walk on and to find rest for their souls.  Primarily, it serves as a venue where Bro. Eli preaches the Christian doctrines observed in the Church of God of the Bible.

The first broadcast was launched through radio in 1980. Then in 1983, Ang Dating Daan aired on television with only an hour of broadcast.


The wider mileage afforded by mainstream radio and television enabled the program and Bro. Eli to reach its intended audience – truthseekers of the Words of God. Soon, it gained popularity substantially because of Bro. Eli’s clever and unrivalled brilliance of style in preaching and courageous exposes of the wrong teachings of many religious groups.

Intelligent and Informative Religious Show

Bro. Eli Soriano’s religious debates with different pastors were also the main reasons why people started to get curious and eventually became avid viewers and followers of his program. It soon came to the point that religious pastors in the Philippines no longer contest Bro. Eli in debates because they know the preacher is an undisputed champion debater.13260198_10154268582599828_767368939099842312_n
Another feature that makes the Ang Dating Daan program stand-out is its on-the-spot and impromptu question-and-answer portion. During this portion, guests from other religious affiliations can ask Bro. Eli any questions and get the answers directly from the Bible that no other religious leaders have ever done or tried.

Then regular live Bible Expositions were also established, a brainchild of Bro. Daniel Razon, the primary person who helps Bro. Eli. He is also the Second Overall Servant to the MCGI.

Unfazed by Detractors’ Tactics

Looking back from its humble beginning and on how its enemies’ schemes were carried out to destroy and to stop Bro. Eli Soriano in his faithful and arduous task of spreading the Gospel of Christ, no one would ever imagine that the Ang Dating Daan program is able to have this wider scope of broadcast evangelization.

Comparing to other great, rich and powerful religious groups in the Philippines, none of those have ever done the same neither can surpass the seriousness of efforts and of what Bro. Eli Soriano,  Bro. Daniel Razon, and the MCGI have reached and will continue to do, not even the so-called world’s greatest religions.

Reaching to People Around the World

The vastness of the Ang Dating Daan’s global evangelization effort and scope cannot be disregarded for it is indeed a huge accomplishment. And yet, for Bro. Eli and for Bro. Daniel, it is just a beginning of a much broader works of evangelization, which they believe is an obligation to God and to humanity.

The program is being carried permanently by UNTV station in the Philippines for over a decade now. It was then after experiencing a lot of persecutions on its previous rented TV networks due to his influential religious detractors who are coward to honestly fight him in a one-on-one biblical debate.

To date, the Ang Dating Daan program is being aired 24/7 worldwide in different languages through various modern media outlets, such as owned and rented TV and radio stations, internet, and satellite feed broadcast.

Slide show of ADD programs around the world: satellite, tv, radio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Soure: https://www.mcgi.org/broadcasts/satellite/


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