Ang Dating Daan: 36 Years of Changing Lives

Throughout 36 years of broadcasting, the radio-TV religious program Ang Dating Daan never fails to serve its main purpose – changing the lives of people and bringing them back to have faith and hope in God.


Bro. Eli Soriano’s award-winning religious program continuously inspires a lot of people from across the Philippines to other parts of the globe to change for the better.

After hearing Bro. Eli’s preaching, these people’s lives have changed for the better, brought hope to drunkards, drug addicts, and criminals. In a lot of ways, Bro. Eli through the program helped transform the lives of the so-called liabilities of the society to becoming assets of society.

Testimonies of Faith and Hope

Below are a collection of testimonies of some people who experienced a change in their lives upon hearing and accepting the word of God, which they heard from Bro. Eli Soriano:

Photo source: MCGI Facebook page 

Alyas “Burgundy”

“Kasi sa puso ko, gusto kong magbago, pero hindi ko alam kung papaano. Di ko alam eh. ‘Yun po, nagbasa ako ng Bible hindi ko maintindihan. Hanggang sa dumating yung panahon na narinig ko si Bro. Eli. ‘Yun po talaga ang nagpabago ng mga pananaw ko sa buhay. Kaya naging maayos po ang buhay ko.”

(In my heart I want change, but I don’t know how. I read the bible but I cannot understand it. Then there came a time that I heard Bro. Eli’s preaching. And that’s what helped me to change my vision in life and to have a better life today.)

Read full story: Drug Addicts Change Lives After Hearing Bro. Eli Soriano’s Preaching

Leonard Grape

“Early in my life, I was exposed to many vices and bad things of the world: cigarettes, liquors, barkadas, and even marijuana. The path I was walking on was a road of confusion. There weren’t any clear signs but only detours and lost ways. Young as I was, I felt how blinded my soul was and how I was on the verge of totally ruining my life. It was almost a stale mate. It was almost reaching a point of no return.

Then in the midst of drowning in a dark pit, mercy was bestowed upon. There was light beyond the horizon. I never thought it will be a guiding force that will change my life forever. That was when I met Bro. Eli Soriano.

Read full story: “In The Midst Of Drowning In A Dark Pit, Mercy Was Bestowed Upon Me.”


Jhowel Mendoza

“Anyone who does not have the faith and guidance of God might find himself sipping a bottle of beer after another bottle. Or, he might be one of those who laugh with no reason after sniffing fumes of prohibited drugs. Merriment is no exception. Houses of whores in Tondo sprout like mushrooms on fertile soil. Every corner has not less than two beer houses where my uncle and his friends go when drinking beer is not enough to make them happy.

Vices are at every corner. Anywhere one turns to, temptation can overrule. Without the values inculcated in my mind from constantly listening to Bro. Eli, I would have been lured to these filthy temptations – earthly temptations that bring nothing but spiritual sorrow.”

Read full story: “Could My Terrible Tondo Have A Small Room To Worship The Real God?”

Carlo Paguyan

“I was high at that time. To entertain myself, I turned on the radio. There, at that moment, was my first time to hear Bro. Eliseo Soriano’s voice.

While I was listening to Bro. Eli’s program, the Ang Dating Daan, I was also taking shabu. I was doing it simultaneously. As Bro. Eli speaks, I also sniff the shabu’s smoke from the filter. My two senses were taking different drugs at the same time: My nose was inhaling the shabu smoke, while my ears were tuned to the words of God in the Bible.

I continued on listening to Bro. Eli for quite a time. I kept tuning in to his program in the radio as I always longed for his voice. One day, I found myself more addicted to what Bro. Eli was saying. Because of Bro. Eli, I was more addicted now to the teachings in the Bible.

Listening to this preacher made me realize that I should change. Even before, I was dreaming of change. It just couldn’t be! I can’t remain with my vices.”

Read full story: “It Was Like The Last Song Syndrome That It Kept Repeating In My Head.”

Ed Nachor

“God is truly merciful. He saved me from the darkness that was consuming me, of the desire to claim the lives of others. I have repented of the grave offences I have committed and I knew I was forgiven, for He called me and led me to His true church. If I had discovered His true church and teachings earlier, I may have not done those crimes I did.”

Read full story: “I was like a monster craving for blood until I heard Bro. Eli”

Genalyn Dizon

“An unexpected turn on the twist happened to my life. I got married with my student. Cries and woes and disappointments instead of the sweet adventure I was expecting, slapped right in my face. So much for the adventure, you might be saying. Good for me!

It was really good for me because after 5 years of marriage the Lord called my husband, Brother Dennis Dizon, in His Church. Unexpectedly, I saw the CHANGE happening to him day by day during his indoctrination. I could not believe it because all the while I was convincing him to change, he never did. I did not even believe Bro. Eliseo Soriano could change him because the preacher “cussed” at our Born Again pastors. He even “cussed” whenever he found something wrong about them. So I could not believe that my husband would believe on that kind of person – let alone a man calling himself a bible reader.”

Read full story: “My chain-smoking, gin-drinking husband became Straight-A without speaking in tongues or casting out the devil”

Joy Pujante

“With the teachings of Bro Eli, thanks be to God, great changes came into my life. All my vices are gone; I already have a direction in my life and am able to have peace of mind.”

Read full story: “I Grew Up Where Different Types Of Crimes Are Happening Every Now And Then”

Watch: Faith Stories from Abroad

These people’s lives are living proofs just how powerful and how biblically true the doctrines of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) that changed them.

Ang Dating Daan celebrates 36th anniversary with a special Worldwide Bible Exposition on December 9 (Friday) at the MOA Arena in Pasay City.#



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