Netizens Celebrates Kuya Daniel Razon’s 33 Years in Service to God & Humanity

MANILA, Philippines (11/28/2016) – Kuya Daniel Razon’s 33 years in public service became the most talked-about topic on Philippine Twitter trends list. Thousands of netizens tweeted their heartwarming greetings and messages using the hashtag #MCGIThanksGodForBroDaniel on Sunday morning

The hashtag began trending on Twitter at exactly 5 a.m, which immediatly entered the first spot in Philippine trends.

Greetings from the Netizens:

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Kuya Daniel Razon 33 Years in service to God and Humanity

Kuya Daniel Razon, multi-awarded broadcast journalist, advocacy filmmaker, song composer, and public service advocate, celebrates his 33 years in service to God and Humanity on November 28, 2016.


Kuya Daniel’s dedication and commitment in helping his fellow men has led him to innovation and creation of more projects, which main purpose is for much broader and intensive public services to serve.

His public services is known to many as nonstop and unfaltering, which is something rare and unique. No one has ever tried to do the same because it may cause them huge expenses without any return of benefits.  But, for Kuya Daniel, doing good is a serious obligation to everyone without having to think or expect something in return from its beneficiaries. He always proves that a real advocate of good works must have no excuses for hindrances to do so. Thus, he is always looking and finding ways to support and to continue his advocacy.

Below is the infographic of Kuya Daniel Razon’s innovation and major public services, which he continuously render to the people.


And because of all these, Kuya Daniel Razon has touched the hearts of many lives and helped the poor and needy that deservingly gained the moniker of being the Philippines Mr. Public Service and the Kuya ng Bayan.

Kuya Daniel’s contributions in Philippine soceity cannot be discounted nor dismissed by anyone. He will be and will always be one of the symbols in the name of public service.


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