Coming Soon: Kuya Daniel Razon’s ‘Isang Araw: The Movie’ Part 3

MANILA, Philippines – Lights, Camera, Action! The veteran broadcaster and the UNTV CEO Kuya Daniel Razon began shooting and directing the much-awaited sequel of his advocacy film, ‘Isang Araw (One Day): The Movie’.

Photo screen grabbed from UNTV’s Ito Ang Balita.

It can be recalled that Kuya Daniel have already revealed the making of the 3rd movie sequel of ‘Isang Araw’ during the special screening of its part 2 last February 16, 2014 at Concorde Hotel in Orchard, Singapore.

“The Singaporeans, and even other nationalities, went here to watch Isang Araw The Movie, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in our upcoming movies. We really appreciate it and thank you so very much for being with us in this premiere here in Singapore of the movie Isang Araw,”  Mr. Razon said.

“Well, in the making na iyong part 3. We’re finalizing the script ng part 3. God-willing, masho-showing din yun dito,” said Kuya Daniel. (Well, Part 3 is currently in the making. We’re finalizing the script for Part 3. God-willing, it will also be shown here.)

 Quotes source: Kuya Daniel Reveals the Making of “Isang Araw” Movie Part 3

The ‘Isang Araw: The Movie’ part 3 shoot was featured on UNTV’s Ito Ang Balita Entertainment News by Bryan De Paz on September 26, 2016. Although it does not give the full casting of the film, it revealed veteran comedian Bayani Agbayani to be part of the movie who will be Kuya Daniel’s sidekick. He profusely commended Kuya Daniel because of the films’ unique theme and content, especially the advocacy that it carries.

“First and foremost, this is not commercialized and he [Kuya Daniel] is doing it for love because the theme and content of the movie aims to help the viewers,” Agbayani said in an interview with UNTV News.

“You will get curious to watch the movie because you would want to know what’s really happening in our society. So, if you will notice, the production has really done research. They know what the public needs to watch, what the public should learn, that there is something deeper to discover,” he added.

Aside from Agbayani, action star Jess Lapid, who plays the role of Kuya Daniel’s bestfriend, expressed his excitement for being part of the movie for the second time. He revealed that there’s a big twist in his character, which is different from his first appearance.

“My character was so far from what I was in Part 2. There’s a big twist. My character is somewhat lighter. But we still don’t know if there would be a twist. You know Kuya, he always has a surprise attack that would just come out,” Lapid said in an interview with UNTV News.

Meanwhile, additional to the cast of characters is teen star Marlo Mortel, a popular heartthrob in a TV series who is now making a name in the entertainment industry. He will play the role of Kuya Daniel’s son that has a special character in the film.

“I am a good boy here. I stand for what is right. So, I need to fight for whatever is right. This is really a different role for me because I usually do sweet roles. Sometimes I do drama, but with this one, I will play the role of a youth who could be a hope in the future,” Mortel said an interview with UNTV News.

Isang Araw the Advocacy Film

As expected, Kuya Daniel Razon’s Isang Araw film is always about promoting an act of kindness without expecting anything in return – a virtue that people can learn from watching it.

And the main reason why many people, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, would always support Kuya Daniel’s movie projects is because the proceeds of it will support various public services being carried out by Kuya Daniel through UNTV since the beginning. One of those public services is the La Verdad Christian Free School and College, which has almost 3,000 scholar students who are studying for free. The Free School shoulders all the expenses of the students on their uniforms, meals, books, miscellaneous, and tuition fees.

Aside from free college program, Kuya Daniel also conducts free medical, dental, legal and many more services everyday through UNTV’s various public service related programs such as Serbisyong Kasangbahay and Good Morning Kuya, just to name a few.

The movie is expected to have its premieres all over the country and abroad.


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