Bro. Eli Soriano supports President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs

MANILA, Philippines – The International televangelist Bro. Eli Soriano of the religious program Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) blogged his support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s all-out war against illegal drugs in the country.

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Bro. Eli Soriano (L) the host of the popular religious program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) and the Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (R).

On September 4, Soriano published an article, “Judging the Killings: Not to Blame Duterte but Sum up the Truth” on his Controversy Extraordinary blog site addressing the issue regarding the alleged “extra-judicial killings” in the country.

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Photo: Screen grabbed from Controversy Extraordinary blog site.

Soriano urges the people, especially those so-called journalists, to be very careful in using the term “extra-judicial killings.” He also pointed out that the public must consider many points before blaming the President on allegedly “extra-judicial killings” in the country that they should use logic, justice, and equity instead.

Here are some of the logical points given by Soriano to ponder on before summing up all the killings and unfairly blaming them to President Duterte (Excerpts from his blog):

“There are many avenues that can be considered in order to arrive at the surest point of justice and equity. Surely the shortest line between two distances is between two exact points that run as straight as possible from one to the other.”

“A point to start with is, could it be that criminals who are being hunted now by the Duterte administration are killing one another in order to protect their own interest!?”

“Could it be that there are killings that happened mainly because the police enforcers are trying to defend the constitution, or the order of their commander-in-chief, and their own lives!?”

“Could it be that there are those who run amok because there is no future for their vices and illegal activities under the Duterte administration? And could it be that they just wanted to implicate others, even the innocent!?”

According to Soriano, if the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, he believes that it is illogical to count all the killings from May 10 up to this day and blame it to Duterte Administration. “How stupid can one be!!! How could you lump the numbers and attribute it to one and only one cause? Worse, you go forward and term them as “extra-judicial killings,” Soriano exclaimed.

Unlike other religious preachers who at all times condemn the Duterte Administration, Bro. Eli Soriano supports the administration on its fight against illegal drugs. “One way to help them is to show them and make them taste a blow from the arm of the law,” he vehemently said referring to the criminals.

Citing biblical passages, Soriano said that “punishment is a deterrent to crime.” And on the last paragraphs of his writing, he believes in pursuing justice to protect the innocent. Although criminals like animals have their rights, it should not be that those criminals are well protected like the innocent ones, nor should the life of the innocent be sacrificed just to protect the rights of the criminals.

Soriano ended his blog with these sensible thoughts backed up with biblical insights, “In the Bible, there are people who cannot be considered humans to enjoy human rights, let alone, convicted drug lords and pushers!”


But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

Soriano obviously supports President Duterte since he took office in Malacañang last July because of his heartfelt sincerity and love for the country. Soriano even urged the public to offer prayers for the administration, especially for President Duterte. [Read: Ang Dating Daan group says “#DuterteNeedsOurPrayers”]

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