Bro. Eli shows support to Duterte amid Catholic Church issue

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines’ president-elect Mayor Rodrigo Duterte seems to have found an ally about his issue with the Catholic Church.

It can be remembered that Mayor Duterte called the Catholic Church as the Philippine’s “most hypocrital institution.” He even challenged its senior bishops to a debate regarding their misdeeds before his oath-taking on June 30, 2016 at Malacañan Palace.

Watch: Duterte calls Catholic Church ‘Most Hypocritical Institution’

A support from a religious preacher

Filipino evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano of the popular religious program, Ang Dating Daan, aired his support for Mayor Duterte through his Twitter account last May 23, 2016.

Bro. Eli also voiced out the same thoughts on his Quipsphere account where he can be heard speaking:

“President elect Duterte is not a hypocrite; to have the guts to criticize hypocrites means you’re not one!”, Soriano said. (listen)

Soriano, known as the most fearless and brutally frank preacher in exposing the leadership and anomalies of religious leaders like Quiboloy, Catholic priests, especially the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo; describes Mayor Duterte on his Twitter post as “an uncompromising ally”.

“A good steward of God uses the gifts he received to minister or to help others. But Catholic priests are not willing to obey this scriptural injunction.

MICAH 3:11 The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, Is not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.


The way it is behaving, the Roman Catholic Church is a money making institution! It is not pro-poor; more yet, it acts as a beggar.” excerpts from The Roman Catholic Church: Mega-rich Yet Begging by Bro. Eli Soriano, Controversy Extraordinary blog.


However, no other religious preacher in the Philippines has the same guts in supporting Mayor Duterte but Soriano alone.

A hope for justice

Soriano is currently in exile as he continues to suffer persecutions and injustices from his homeland for telling the truth and challenging these preachers who cannot attest his Biblical knowledge.

“Filipino evangelist Bro. Eliseo Soriano who had exiled himself for expediency, reiterated today (23/1/2008) his challenge to a church leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC, translated as Church of Christ) to come out in the open so that this man could defend his teachings. Soriano had been very critical of false preachers ever since, most especially those of the INC.

Soriano is now facing multiple charges in the Philippines filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo and its sympathizers – all of them arising from his work as evangelist. The witnesses are either those Soriano had excommunicated from his congregation for various offenses, public officials who had benefited from the bloc-voting practices of the INC, and even those who stood to gain from the filed cases.” excerpts from The Face of War: Preacher on Exile Dares Powerful Nemesis to Finally Debate by Jane Abao

His enemies keep on spreading news and lies about him. Most of them describe him as someone who is a rapist and a fugitive from justice without any basis, not even a single court record can show the claim. The fact is:

“Two courts refused to declare an international evangelist a “fugitive from justice” as sought by his enemies, particularly those he had been criticizing for their false beliefs and practices. This means the preacher is still far advanced over his enemies trying hard to see him dead.

As court records would show, Bro. Eliseo Soriano was accused of libel twice for which complainants sought the courts to declare him fugitive from justice but failed to get a favorable ruling.” excerpts from Eli Soriano Not Fugitive from Justice: Two Courts Deny Motions by Jane Abao 

“But the Philippine justice system would not let us know. Why? The case dismissing the rape charge against Soriano may already have been vanished at the docket of the legal department. We never know. But it is highly possible. Money talks.” an excerpt from Bro. Eliseo Soriano is Innocent An Open Letter (So People May Know)

And it has been too long since Bro. Eli Soriano cried for justice. His pleas just passed through two different administrations without much heed. Could it be possible that this incoming administration hear his cry?

“Bro Eli this is Mayor Duterte, kumusta ka? I am not campaigning but I’m going around trying to explain to people my program of government, religious freedom will be upheld, democratic processes obeyed, freedom to choose your religion will be also upright under the constitution. MABUHAY KA BRO.ELI!” – President Rodrigo Duterte

WATCH: Rodrigo Duterte’s Message to Bro. Eli


Pray for the government

Meanwhile, Bro. Eli urges his members and followers to give thanks and to pray for the government for peace and justice to reign in the country.

Sa unang Tim 2:1 patuloy, ipanalangin natin, ipamagitan, ipagpasalamat ang lahat ng mga tao.” (listen)

Ang layon ay upang mabuhay tayo ng mapayapa at matahimik sa panahong kasalukuyan ng sanlibutan.” (listen)

Sana ay kasiyahan ng Dios pati ang dumarating na bagong administrasyon, maghari sana ang kapayapaan at hustisya sa ating bansa.” (listen)

Kasama ang diwang ito sa nilalaman ng unang Tim 2:1-4.” (listen)

Na ating ipanalangin pati ang pamahalaan ng mga bansa kung saan tayo naninirahan upang samahan tayo ng Panginoon.” (listen)

Bro. Eli said through his QuipSphere account @therealtruthcaster.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Bro. Eli Soriano may have many differences. Obviously Duterte is in politics, while Bro. Eli is in religion, but they do share the same quality of being straightforward when speaking, exposing lies, and fearlessly fighting corruption. These are the qualities that our country and our beloved countrymen desperately need today.

May God bless these two brave men!


9 thoughts on “Bro. Eli shows support to Duterte amid Catholic Church issue

  1. Good job Mayor President pati mga CORRUPT na religious organization labanan nyo po marami ngaun yan kaya maraming corrupt sa ating bansa dahil sila ang unang CORRUPT ang TURO!


  2. Kaya corrupt ang catholic church kasi sa aral pa lang nila isinusulong na ang “padrino system”. Unconsciously their practice of praying intercession from what they call saints and Mary to God reverberated in politics.


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