Presidential Candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte greets Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan

PHILIPPINES – Davao City Mayor and Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte has greeted Bro. Eli Soriano, one of the most influential religious international preachers nowadays.

In his short video greetings for Bro. Eli, Duterte stated that he is going around explaining to people the program of his government if he will become the President. He also mentioned some of the important religious matter such as religious freedom, democratic processes and freedom to choose your religion, which are very essential.

Although he first reiterates that he is not campaigning to get the sympathy and endorsement of Bro. Eli Soriano.

WATCH: ‪Rodrigo Duterte’s Message to Bro. Eli


CAPTION: “Bro Eli this is Mayor Duterte, kumusta ka? I am not campaigning but I’m going around trying to explain to people my program of government, religious freedom will be upheld, democratic processes obeyed, freedom to choose your religion will be also upright under the constitution. MABUHAY KA BRO.ELI!” – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Presidential Candidate.

Although the Members Church of God International (MCGI) do not practice bloc voting, Bro. Eli’s suggestion and endorsement is of vital importance and highly valued as a primary choice of his million followers and supporters. Whoever Bro. Eli chooses as his president (i), majority of them follows and supports!

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“There is no doctrine that obliges any member of the true Christian church to vote for any politician.”

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“Unity comes about not through coercion but through the submission of individual human free will – a will that is given by God intended to help the person discern between good and evil. Remove that will and you culture a robot, mindless and following no matter what evil you suggest.”


9 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte greets Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan

  1. Good gesture indeed. A good leader must initially recognise our diversity as a country and tender reconcilliatory move to make all members of the society understand his programs and objectives.
    A leader who does not reach out to his constituents for consultations will never be a good one, till he knows the roots of the problems and must fell the embodiment of their sentiments towards making the solutions.
    Among the five electables only Duterte can fill the slot for the simple reason that only him has the tenacity to go around and talk to all levels of society. He is in his most docile if a person is down; he could be very rough to a scoundrel who needs discipline; and he is a good negotiator as any of the statesmen or top businessmen for what he wants to deliver is solely for the people only and not for himself nor his family.

    His friendship with Pstr. Apollo Quiboloy for decades would only be enhanced by Bro Eli Soriano towards Duterte’s closeness to spiritual leaders. He never insinuate vote gathering from these personalities but lean towards pastoral guidance for his leadership.

    Duterte simply makes the difference from the rest.
    Cayetano will support on whatever there is for him.


  2. Very well said mayor Duterte… As member og MCGI am very glad our leader Bro. Eli was greeted by the future President og the Philippines loobin ng Dios!

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  3. His political iron will is convincing and overwhelming. Hearing this statement from Pres. Duterte makes me feel hopeful for our country. May God keep him safe always and may the good Lord bless him with good health. #changehascome


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