Emergency Race: the start of a unified rescue groups

Aiming to expand and to intensify the rescue efforts of every rescue organizations, Kuya Daniel Razon, the Chairman and CEO of UNTV-BMPI, had launched his new project called Emergency Race. This is another feat of UNTV that is a first in Philippine television.

(Photo source: Emergency Race Launched)

“No one or no group is in monopoly of helping others. We should come together to expand our networks and the scope of our capabilities, so we can reach more people,” says Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon during the launch of UNTV’s Emergency Race (ER) competition at the Rescue Organizations’ Convention in the NCR at the Eton Centris, Quezon City last December 15, 2015.

(Photo source: Emergency Race Launched)

According to Razon, Emergency Race is a competition that will showcase the best skills of each groups in rescuing. But, more than just a game, generally Emergency Race would serves as a training activity for rescuers. A five-hectare lot,which will be provided by UNTV, will serve as a training area for all participating groups. And like any other competition, the winning group will also receive cash prize and rescue equipment that they can use for their training and rescue operations.

Thus, various rescue organizations from Metro Manila, as well volunteers and members of Local Government Unit (LGU), graced the noble event. Each expressed their support and gratitude for this newest project of Kuya Daniel Razon.

(Photo source: Emergency Race Launched)

“Text Fire Philippines is always in support of UNTV in whatever activities,” says Jeric Chua, Administrator of Text Fire.

(Photo source: Emergency Race Launched)

NATCOM Director Mr. Henry Yang acknowledges Razon’s endeavor. “This is beneficial to us because there are areas of rescue where we need further improvement as what Kuya Daniel said. It is free so it is very helpful to us. We really need additional training for our personnel,” he says.

Razon hopes that Emergency Race would be the start of a unified rescue groups not only in NCR but also in the whole country.

(Photo source: Emergency Race Launched)

“We hope that this is the start of a unified rescue groups. Not only in the National Capital Region, but ultimately we could involve all rescue groups in the entire country in achieving a common goal of helping others,” Razon expresses.

Furthermore, UNTV Rescue is planning to launch a call center using the UNTV’s 911-UNTV hotline for faster dissemination of information among rescue units.

Indeed, UNTV serves as a home for unique public services – all for the benefit of the public.


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