Ping Lacson denounces allegation of being Enrile’s attack-dog

During the privilege speech of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago last Wednesday (Dec. 04, 2013) most of her words refers to and an answer to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s alligation to her (as she said). But in the last quarter of her speech she mentioned former Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson, describing him as Sen. Enrile’s attack-dog. She even called Sen. Lacson’s name differently by making it as Senator Pinky Lacson.

“Enrile demands that I should answer the charges of his attack-dog, former senator Pinky Lacson” Sen. Santiago stated during her privilege speech.

The issue about Sen. Lacson being Enrile’s attack-dog is still very fresh in my mind long before Sen. Santiago said that in her speech. I remember watching former Senator Ping Lacson two days ago (Dec. 02, 2013) in a television program titled “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon” in UNTV; he was tackling and denying the issue of being the attack-dog of Senator Enrile.

untitled Daniel Razon (left) the host of Get It Straight with Daniel Razon together with former Senator, now, rehabilitation czar Panfilo Ping Lacson (right).

Lacson explained that the conflict between him and Senator Santiago started when Senate President gave them additional MOOE last December 2012. MOOE (Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses). He elaborated that Senator Enrile issued them 300 thousand additional MOOE while Senator Miriam received only 250 thousand, which according to him, Senator Miriam did not accept and returned the money and made an issue about it.

“…magkasundo kami dati. Nagsimula lang kasi yun noong nagkaroon ng issue doon sa additional MOOE si Senate President Enrile, ako yung chairman committee on accounts, tapos mas kaunti yata yung nakuha niya,na isinauli niya, kumpara doon sa iba…”
Lacson said.

He added that at first it was Senator Enrile who’s the target of her attacks but later on she included the whole Senate by saying “Eh magtatapos na yung taon disyembre na, binigyan pa sila ng tig-ti-300 thousand.. Eh ibubulsa na nila yan..” (Sen. Miriam). He admitted that they received the additional 300 thousand MOOE but denied the allegation that they have pocketed the money for it was clearly written in the voucher that it was intended for additional MOOE.

According to Lacson he answered Sen. Miriam’s allegations about the issue compromising them regarding the additional MOOE.

“..Huwag naman sanang ganun, kasi nilalahat niya kami, lahat kami magnanakaw at siya lang ang hindi..” Lacson recalls his statement in his past interviews.

He said that his statement was taken out of context and he was tagged by Sen. Miriam as Enrile’s “attack-dog” and explained that the only reason he had said it because he was defending himself, including the senate itself as an institution to protect against her allegations. And that started the whole thing and they had exchanged harsh words. According to him that’s the time Senator Miriam calls him Pinky and so on and until now, issues between them did not subside.

Another issue that Kuya Daniel Razon frankly asked the Senator was the issue that he was a homosexual (gay).

“…sagutin mo nga ako, Bakla ka ba?”
asked Razon

“Hindi. No offense to all gays in the world pero hindi ako bakla. For the record” Lacson answered.

Lacson tells the story behind the allegation about his sexuality. He said that it started when he filed a kidnapping case against a police colonel during his term as chief PNP. And allegedly, according to him this police officer took a photo of him while performing during their 100th Nite Show while wearing women’s dress and make-up and used it as an evidence against him.

“…ang ginawa ng police officer na ‘yon… kasi PMA din ‘yon… eh kinilipings (clippings) niya yun… siguro, pagkakalat niyang bading (at) yun ang sasabihin niyang ebidensiya niya na nakadamit babae(ako)… hindi naman sinabi na 100th nite show ito ,na hindi lang ako yung nagsasayaw na nakadamit na babae kundi napakarami namin.. napakaraming numbers yun eh…”
Lacson explained.

Throughout the interview, Ping Lacson answered the question about his person. And at the end of their conversation, Razon gave him a chance to talk to the viewers, not as a senator, not as a PNP chief but as human, that he thinks he never got a chance to say in any of his privilege speech.

“Well, panahon na siguro para ibangon natin ang ating bansa kasi napag-iwanan na tayo.. I don’t think na nasabi ko na ito pero yung ugali at kultura ng Pilipino dapat mapalitan na.. tama yung mapanuri pero huwag lang mapanira.” He said.

And this is not the end of the story …

“Marami pa akong kuwento tungkol kay Lacson but thi is not the time.”
Sen. Miriam said during her privilege speech.


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